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We are the Fenton Fireflies! At Fenton Ave Charter School, our students model fireflies because they can make the light within themselves and share it to bring brightness into the world.

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Our team of dedicated staff are passionate about teaching! 

Counselor's Corner

Welcome to The FCPS Counselors' Corner. School counselors support students' academic, social-emotional, and career development, by addressing individual student and community needs.

Speech & Laguage

Speech-language pathologists (SLP), work with students' various communication needs so that they can express their wants and voice their ideas.

Technology Tips

Visit our technology site to get answers and help with your child's technical questions

Distance Learning

Visit our Distance Learning page to get more information and helpful resources to help your child as they learn from home!

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To aid our students during distance learning, a school issued iPad was offered to attend virtual class and complete assignments.